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7 Wonders

September 5, 2020


No Costa Rica vacation is complete without visiting at least some of its Seven Wonders.


 That’s right. Seven Wonders. Selected by Costa Ricans themselves by vote.

When you travel Costa Rica be sure to take in some of these on your Costa Rica vacation.


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Cocos Island: Jurrasic Park? Or Pirate Treasure?


Remember Jurrasic Park? The island off the coast of Costa Rica? Some believe its inspiration was Isla de Cocos.

All right, there aren’t dinosaurs there but this gem is not only one of the Seven Wonders of Costa Rica, it’s being considered for inclusion in one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

And, legend has it that there’s a vast pirate treasure here.

Click to learn about the fabulous

Devonshire buried treasure. In fact, lots of pirates loved Cocos Island to bury their treasure and the The Mother of all pirate treasure is also buried on Cocos.

We even have a map, a real pirate map, showing the location of the world famous Treasure of Lima, Buried treasure.

And, one of the top 10 places in the world to dive.

Better yet, perhaps the finest big-animal dive adventure on the entire planet!

For many serious scuba divers, this Costa Rica vacation trip is a must.

Click for incredible Costa Rica scuba diving at Cocos Island.

So, if your Costa Rica vacation includes scuba diving, this is the place for you. I guarantee it.

This is truly an incredible Costa Rica adventure!

Arenal Volcano: Spectacular and So Many Things to Do!


About 2½ hours north of San Jose, Arenal is Costa Rica’s most active volcano, often treating visitors to a spectacular light-show of lava at night.

When you travel Costa Rica, you’ll find so many things to do here, you should plan to spend several days.

Fish or windsurf.

Take a horseback ride.

Raft, canoe, or kayak.

There are fancy resorts where you can sit in hot-springs and watch the eruptions while sipping your drink or you can stay in any number of wonderful nature lodges.

You can even stay in a houseboat on Costa Rica’s largest lake!

Arenal volcano and the surrounding area are amazing places to visit.

Click to take a quick tour of Arenal Volcano. It offers perfect weather year-round and an incredible number of activities to enjoy.

You can even visit a little Swiss village. . .and you’ll want to ride a real Swiss train to get there!

Chirripo: A Bit of the Andes in Costa Rica


Set aside some of your Costa Rica vacation to stop in at Chirripo National Park.

There you’ll find Costa Rica’s tallest mountain, Cerro Chirripo.

For a real hiking experience, from dense tropical forests to bizarre rock formations and sparse vegetation at the top, you can hike (no mountaineering experience necessary!) to the top and see crystal-clear glacial lakes.

Along the way, you’re likely to see monkeys, tropical birds, and perhaps a puma.

On a clear day, you can see five volcanoes and two oceans from Mount Chirripo.

Rio Celeste: Where Water Magically Changes Color


See the color of that water?

Yep, it’s really that blue.

From crystal clear to azure, right before your eyes!

Still largely undiscovered by most people. But on your Costa Rica vacation you can hike to it and . . .

take a swim under a waterfall set in paradise!

Come to Tenorio Volcano National Park and enjoy another of Costa Rica’s Seven Wonders! It’s the Celestial River or, as locals call it, Rio Celeste.

Tortuguero Park: Caribbean Magnificence


One of the great things about taking a Costa Rica vacation is that you can enjoy two oceans on the same trip.

Tortuguero National Park is on the Caribbean and is the third-most visited park in Costa Rica even though it can only be reached by plane or boat.

You’ll find an incredible biological variety along its rainforest, swamps, beaches, and lagoons.

Four different types of giant sea turtles lay their eggs on many miles of deserted beaches.

Tortuguero’s forests and wetlands contain 375 species of birds, lots of monkeys, jaguars, and 400 different kinds of trees.

And, this place is world-famous for its Costa Rica fishing!

Whether it is 200 pound river tarpon or sailfish along its shores, fishermen from around the world rave about this place.

When you visit Tortuguero, be sure to spend some time visiting the rest of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast.

Its ambience is unlike anywhere else in the country.

Click to see why 30,000 giant sea turtles can’t be wrong. It’s Tortuguero National Park

Poas Volcano: Almost at Your Doorstep














A handful of miles from San Jose lies Poas Volcano, the most visited Costa Rica volcano.

Easy to get to, you’ll travel through gorgeous coffee farms, then fern and strawberry farms, topped by lush dairy pastures.

You can drive almost to the rim and take a short hike to overlook the world’s largest volcanic crater.

The old lady may reward you with a 600’ tall geyser!

So close, so special, click to go to Poas volcano.

Monteverde: Like Lots of Orchids? 500 Kinds of Birds and Mammals?


For 70,000 people a year, their Costa Rica vacation includes a visit to Monteverde and particularly the massive Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Reserve, home to the largest number of orchids in the world (500 and counting), 2500 plant varieties, 400 different types of birds, and 100 kinds of mammals.

In and out of the reserve are activities for everybody, from bird-watching to sky-walks, canopy tours to horseback riding, butterfly farms and even the largest privately-owned bug exhibition on the planet, and much more.

Come see for yourself! This is a great Costa Rica family vacation.

Simply click and learn more about Costa Rica’s incredible Monteverde.

Costa Rica: Seven Wonders Plus Much More

I bet you’ll make your own list of wonders on your Costa Rica vacation.

Beaches on two oceans.

Parks everywhere. More waterfalls than you can imagine.

More butterflies than in all of Africa.

30,000 giant sea turtles on a single beach.

Jaguars and pumas just miles from the country’s largest city.

A Costa Rica family vacation of a lifetime or

An unforgettable Costa Rica honeymoon.

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