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Jaco Beach Nightlife

March 2, 2017

Jaco Beach Nightlife

For beachfront nightlife, it doesn’t get any better than Jaco Beach in Costa Rica. On the Pacific coast, Jaco is two hours south of the capital.

Most of the hotels and resorts are near or on the beach.The town’s main street, which parallels the beach about a block away, is lined with bars, disco, clubs and restaurants. You can walk to most of them from hotels in the north part of the beach, and it’s a five-minute ride a most by taxi or car from the south end.

One world famous and world class night life scene in is the Beatle Bar on the north end. It’s most popular with fishermen and other guys from North America.

The Monkey Bar attracts a younger and more mixed crowd in their twenties

It’s often packed, especially on weekends.

At The Jungle, there’s a bar and dance floor upstairs.

Places to Avoid:

Nightclubs such as Hollywood should be avoided, as apparently “nightclub” in Spanish is a synonym for “clip joint.”

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